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Where do postcards come from, Mommy?

By John Sayers

Where do postcards come from, Mommy?

Hey, that’s just one of the delicate questions from their children that Mommy or Daddy has to answer! In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words – and a lot of embarrassed er…uh…mumbling.

They can tell Julie – or Johnny – that many, many years ago postcards came from shops like this one in Paris. See the youngster looking at the choices? Well, you will also note the serious woman watching him closely, in this era well before video surveillance! Video was not known, but theft was.

Postale Galérie

POSTALE GALERIE. 186, Rue de Rivoli.   “Paris, France – 1906”

How will he decide on which card to purchase? Well, it’s not unlike when you have to decide what you’re going to select from Netflix or other video providers. It isn’t easy.

Today’s postcards are fewer in number, but we still have the survivors of the billions of postcards printed in the era of this picture as well as today’s production. Great images. Great history. Great hobby!

P.S. In case the 1906 date on the postcard makes you think you’re a bit late to get your postcards, it appears that some may still be available! Click the link – 186, rue de Rivoli seems to be the address of the first two or three shops in the Streetview image.


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