The circuit begins again in Merrickville on Sept. 8th.  Details here.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held mostly every month from 7:00pm. The first half hour is for the exchange of postcard chat and a free coffee. A presentation of interest to history buffs and postcard collectors follows, or, we have a show and tell exchange about a select postcard topic. Visitors are welcome.


We  take a break from meetings in the summer to enjoy the season and go postcard shopping.  We will reconvene on September 27th with our annual ‘what did you find?’ show and tell session.  See you then!

In the meantime have a look at our show calendar to see if there’s a postcard show coming up.





Thurs. Sept. 27th  Treasures from My Collection.’ Our annual show and tell of those special finds.  Bring along your new acquisitions or a rediscovered treasure from that pile on your desk!  and tell us why it’s special to you.
7:00pm  for coffee and chat, meeting begins at 7:30 
Location: John McKenzie House, 34 Parkview Ave. (at Doris) Free street parking, TTC to North York Centre.


Sat. October 20th  – 2:00pm  North America’s Classic 5-to-10 cent Stores in postcards.
(you’ll be nickel and dimed to death!!) Sharing one of his more recent collecting interests, rych mills (TPC #1199) will highlight Canadian and American five-and-dimes, particularly. F.W Woolworth’s and S.S. Kresge’s.  In addition, he’ll identify the many copycat operations that sprang up in almost every town in North America. You too may have five -‘n-dime postcards in your main street views.  Have a look and bring them or any other five -‘n-dime memorabilia that you might have to the meeting. 
Location: John McKenzie House, 34 Parkview Ave. (at Doris) Free street parking, TTC to North York Centre.

Thurs. November 15th – ‘Politics on Postcards’ Inspired by the July 1st blogpost by our Editor, Andrew Cunningham (TPC#1424).  Reflecting the significant political and social upheavals in the world today, we will look into our collections for some 20th century examples of witty yet pointed commentary. Bring them along for us all to reflect upon.
7:00pm for coffee and chat, meeting begins at 7:30
Location: John McKenzie House, 34 Parkview Ave. (at Doris) Free street parking, TTC to North York Centre.



Evening Meeting Location: Ontario Historical Society Offices   34 Parkview Avenue in Willowdale near Yonge & Empress.  MAP Free on-street parking after 6:00pm. Accessible by TTC, from the ‘North York Centre’ stop on the Yonge Line 1. Cross to the east side of Yonge and walk 2 blocks north to Parkview Ave. then one block east on Parkview. Cross Doris Ave. to the big red house on the corner by the park. Look for the blue Ontario Heritage plaque out front.


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  1. Re: Gold frame postcards by Toronto publishers

    MacFarlane was first out of the block in early 1908 [see his ad in the Bookseller & Stationer], the others followed later in 1908 and continued into 1909.

    MacFarlane may seem to be late to the game because of fewer samples, but keep in mind that his company went under in late 1908, hence seemingly fewer cards from him.

    I twigged to your article while researching something else, and this hit came up.

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