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Worldwide Postcard Links

Our members are interested in postcards from all over the world. Some links are below and we’re happy to include others as we learn about them. For links to Canadian sites, click here!

POSTCARD CLUBS in other Countries
New Zealand
Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York (direct link) A comprehensive resource on the many aspects of vintage postcard collecting.
Postcrossing – A postcard exchange association.

Parisian Fields (Norman Ball, TPC #1351), a fascinating blog about the history of Paris that is inspired by vintage Paris postcards.

Bamforth & Co. – Britain’s beloved purveyor of cheeky seaside postcards is still licensing its images. See a related story from the BBC here.
Curt Teich – All about the company that “invented” the “linen” postcard and gave mid-century U.S. cards their unmistakable appearance.
Curt Teich Postcard Dating Index and Geographical Index (in progress) – Provided by the Curt Teich Postcard Archives Collection, formerly at the Lake County Discovery Museum, Libertyville IL, but now relocated to the Newberry Library in Chicago 
Detroit Publishing Company
 – The “How did they do it?” section is especially interesting.
Detroit Publishing Postcards – Another take on Detroit Publishing – from the New York Public Library Archives.
Rotograph Co. – A blog devoted to this iconic New York City publisher.
Raphael Tuck – Extensive database of the postcards of England’s most famous postcard manufacturer.
Tichnor Brothers – Database of approximately 25,000 U.S. linen cards produced between approximately 1930 and 1945 by this important Boston-based publisher. Unfortunately, Canadian cards do not appear to be included. 

For the most comprehensive list (which includes many Canadian companies) see the Metropolitan Club’s postcard history site. For selected Canadian publishers, see also the TPC’s own in-depth publisher biographies. For U.K. publishers, see the “About Postcards” and “Postcard Mania” sites listed below under “General and Topical Sites”.

About Postcards – A terrific resource with articles about many important early English postcard publishers, plus a useful glossary of the unique language of deltiology, from “Advertising Postcard” to “Write Away”.
Map Postcards – From U.K. and European publishers. Gallery includes many examples of Canadian map cards published by John Walker & Co.
The Postcard Album – A valuable site with vast amounts of information about German postcard printers and how to identify their work.
Postcard Pages – A U.K. site sponsored by the Postcard Traders Association with general information on the hobby, U.K. club listings and a U.K. postcard fair calendar.
Postcard Views of Old New York – James Lileks’ commentary on postcard views of pre-Modernist New York City.
Postcards Ireland – Linen Hall Library’s collection of over 7,000 postcards with Irish scenes and themes (including Northern Ireland). 
Sports Postcards (see under “Related Collecting Areas”).

Ellen Clapsaddle Postcards – The iconic postcard images of U.S. artist Ellen Clapsaddle.
Donald McGill Museum – Featuring the works of the cartoonist whose name is synonymous with England’s seaside postcards.

Chicago Postcard Museum
Donald McGill Museum (see under “Postcard Artists”).
Metropolitan Museum, New York – Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard Exhibit, Spring 2009     
Newberry Library, Chicago – Curt Teich Collection, Leonard Lauder Oilette Collection and others formerly housed at the Lake County Discovery Museum.

Indian Postcards – Omar Khan, author of Paper Jewels: Postcards from the Raj, discusses the history of postcards in the subcontinent and his passion for collecting them.
The Very First Postcard (BBC)
Postcard History (Smithsonian Institution)
Postcard History (Posts about postcards from collectors) [NEW]
The Story of the Golden Age of Picture Postcards in the United States (New York State Library)

International Federation of Postcard Dealers (IFPD), founded 1979.

Pre-War Cards – An interesting site about collecting early sports cards, including some references to postcards. 

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