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About Postcard Collecting

Below are some links to information about postcard collecting generally, including tips for dating postcards and links to websites that sell postcards. Please note that the online sales sites listed below are not owned, endorsed or monitored by the TPC! 

General Information about Postcards
About Postcards – A great source of information on the history of English postcards, including a useful glossary
The 150 Year History of the Postcard from Postcrossing
The First Picture Postcard?
Metropostcard.com (via archive.org) – An extensive glossary of postcard “lingo” and histories of all things postcard. 
Smithsonian Institution Archives – Another good general history source. 
Smithsonian profile of ‘Greetings From’ Linens
Postcardy – Many articles about postcards from the “Golden Age” and more. 
The Postcard Album – Broad information source with an emphasis on early German printers and publishers.
Greeting Card History – relative to the 1869 invention of the postcard

How to …
Grade Your Postcards
Date Your Postcards from the look and reverse side markings (USA oriented but relevant to Canadian postcards also)
Date Your Real Photo Postcards by Stamp Box Type
Date Your Real Photo Postcards by Back Type

Postcard Shopping 
Cherryland Postcard Auctions – a well-known U.S. postcard dealer
Delcampe Auctions – a European-based alternative to eBay with excellent content, including Canadian cards and some Canadian dealers
eBay.ca – eBay’s “.ca” reports in $ Canadian and has listings from around the world
eBay.com – can also be used from Canada
Mary Martin Postcards & Supplies – a longstanding U.S. postcard dealer
IFPD Dealer List – for the U.S. and other countries

Postcard Publications
Barr’s Postcard News
Picture Postcard Monthly
Card Talk (the TPC’s own thrice-yearly magazine. Join us to subscribe!)


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