The TPC, like other Canadian postcard clubs, promotes the study of Canada’s postcard publishers and photographers, including the cataloguing of their work. Information about some of the country’s well-known publishers is found below. The company pages below are at various stages of development, and thus far represent just a small (and admittedly arbitrary) selection of large and medium-sized Canadian producers. We hope to add information on many more publishers in the future, so that this will eventually become the comprehensive online source of basic information that collectors have long wished for. We would also like to include major real photo postcard photographers in these listings.

We would like to emphasize that we view this as a collaborative, ongoing and probably endless effort. Some of the information included is only provisional — many discoveries and refinements are yet to come. Our approach is to start with what we have and work upward from there, using the resources of our members as well as of the many visitors to our site (we invite all of our readers to alert us to errors or new information). Having issued that disclaimer, we can also say that the histories shared on this page are full of valuable information that has been painstakingly researched by a number of our members.

Currently, we have histories of eleven companies, including Calgary’s H. Enida Olive Co., Winnipeg’s Consolidated Stationery (C.S. Co.), Montreal’s J. C. Wilson, Ottawa’s Photogelatine Engraving Co. (PECO) and a number of Toronto’s leading producers (W. G. MacFarlane, A. L. Merrill, Phillips & Wrinch, Pugh Manufacturing, Rumsey & Co., Valentine & Sons and Warwick Bros. & Rutter). Anyone with information that is relevant to the history of these companies or other major publishers should feel free to contact us. Note that there is a space for your comments at the end of each publisher biography.

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  1. Do you know the dates or history of “THE CANADIAN POST CARD CO. Ltd Toronto 3” ?

    The Ontario Archives web site show it as c. 1910 to c 1950 – but it may be still operating under a different name.

    My family(Miners’ Bay Lodge) purchased many cards from them over the years and one that shows the above listing was definitely ordered in 1967.


    Russ Wunker

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