• All in-person club meetings are POSTPONED for the forseeable future.

    Instead, we have moved to a video format.  We will try to keep our events calendar up-to-date but best to check with the organizer to confirm the status in advance.  Become a TPC Facebook friend to stay connected with us!

JOIN the Toronto Postcard Club

Scan_20200411Members of the Toronto Postcard Club receive our 24-page magazine style newsletter ‘CARD TALK’  3 times a year and a Member Roster via the postal service. Our postcard knowledge is expanded by connecting and sharing.


Canadian address CAD $22.00
United States address CAD $32.00
Outside North America CAD $35.00

 To JOIN the TPC using PAYPAL (PayPal accepts several major credit cards) PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM

For payment using a CHEQUE, INTERAC or Money Order PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM

‘CARD TALK’ is a 24 page ‘magazine’ of stories about vintage postcards contributed by members.  Stories about the history that postcards depict, about the publishers and photographers who created them, stories about the postcards from the ‘Golden Age’ of postcards, and more. Many postcard images are reproduced in these articles. ‘Card Talk‘ is published annually each Spring, Fall and Winter (April, August and November). ‘Card Talk‘ also reports on club activities and meetings and other items of interest to vintage postcard collectors.

Our  MEMBER ROSTER lists the names, contact information and postcard collecting interests of all members of the Toronto Postcard Club.  It is published annually in April and updated with each mailing of ‘Card Talk’.  Following is an example of a Roster listing;

Joe Bloggs                                     Collecting Interests:
123 Main Street                           Great Lakes ships and related.
Anytown, ON, A1B 2C3               Real Photo Postcards.
Tel: 456-555-0000                       Photographer J.W. Bald, Midland

‘Card Talk’ Contributors
Articles for ‘Card Talk’ from club members have priority, but we will accept any great articles about vintage postcards. Please note, if you’re submitting an article from another publication, or anything not written by yourself, we require permission from the original author. Please contact editor at torontopostcardclub dot com for more information.

‘CARD MART’ is an advertising section in ‘CARD TALK’ in each of the three editions. Distribution is approximately 250 copies to members of the club who are dedicated postcard collectors, collectors in general and history buffs. Advertisements must be received at least 6 weeks prior to publication, preferably sized to the advertising space as noted following.

Card Mart Rates:
1/2 page: 7” W x   5”H CAD $23.75 for one insertion, CAD $20.00 for three insertions
1/4 page: 3.5”W x 5”H CAD $13.25 for one insertion, CAD $11.00 for three insertions
1/8 page: 3.5”W x 2.5”H CAD $ 7.50 for one insertion, CAD  $6.25 for three insertions

Payment must accompany the ad request payable to:

P.O. Box 47538, Don Mills
Don Mills, ON M3C 3S7


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  1. Years ago, I used to be an avid collector, and a member of the TPC. On the occassion of the 10th Anniversary of the Toronto Post Card Club in 1977 I produced a video dedicated to the activities of our club. Some of you may have a copy of this CD.

    I want to invite you to view it on YouTube, where is appears under the heading The Toronto Post Card Club, 10th Anniversary. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkxbSuWAmPQ&feature=related
    There are 6 segments posted there, and you will see most of our old club founding members there. I am releasing it in commemoration of our past president Wilf Cowin.

    Please come & reminisce.
    Slava Tsvetkov

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