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Greetings from Toronto

spending my last penny ...

We are admirers and collectors of vintage postcards. 100 years ago the postcard was the new way to communicate a quick hello to friends and loved ones. Cameras, photography and photo processing methods were not yet affordable or easily used by a layman and long distance telecommunication was not readily available. Mail service was prompt and delivered twice a day in many places. The pictures on a penny postcard brought the world closer for just a 1¢ stamp for domestic use and a 2¢ stamp for international mail.

Throughout the ‘golden age’ of postcards the variety and quantity of postcards collected and exchanged worldwide was millions. That so many survive today is a testament to their value as a view of history and as pieces of art. From artist drawn images to lithographed scenes and the highly prized ‘real photo postcard’ (RPPC) there are many opportunities to acquire an historic artifact in your area of interest.

Collecting vintage postcards introduces the collector to a myriad of related subjects. From the ‘Golden Age’ to the modern age, postcards evolved and changed as printing, production, photography and people’s tastes changed.  Aspects of postal history, social history, early photography and photographers intrigue the collector.  We study postcard manufacturers and publishers, we keep lists, we categorize different eras, topics, and types of postcards. There are many, many Internet resources where one can learn about vintage postcards.  Some of our favourites are on our ‘connections’ pages. The Toronto Postcard Club is one of 6 in Canada with many more located throughout the world. Join a postcard club or go to a postcard show and discover all that vintage postcards have to offer.

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