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postcard shop IT’s COMING! The 34th Annual Toronto Postcard Club Show is on Sunday, Feb. 22nd, 2015. Full details here.
UPCOMING MEETINGS - details on our Club Meetings page
Sat. January 17th - J.C. Wilson Patriotics
Thurs. February 19th – The Story of the Toronto City Dairy
Thurs. March 19th - Canadian Railway Stories based on some special railway postcards.
Thurs. April 30th – Western Canada Stories based on unique early postcard views from the Canadian West.
The Toronto Postcard Club is a non-profit association of over 250 dedicated deltiologists. We call Toronto, Ontario, Canada our home base, but we are supported by members from across Canada, as well as the United States and the U.K. as well.

The Toronto Postcard Club has much to offer to anyone who is a collector of vintage postcards. No matter what your collecting interest, there is a postcard related to it. From Armouries to Zoos, Amphibians to Zebras, Aviation to Zodiacs, you can find a postcard view among the millions and millions of vintage postcards that are for sale and in collections today. Our members seek postcards in support of their interests in history and historical societies, writing, genealogy, and just because they are a most interesting window into our past.

Please take a tour through the TPC website using the navigation buttons on the left. We’re pleased that you have chosen to visit us. Each page has a comment box should you have any questions, or, if you want to connect with other postcard collectors who visit this site. Better yet, join us as a member and become an active participant in one of the most interesting and popular hobbies today – collecting vintage postcards.

Toronto Postcard Club, Postcard posted from Toronto, July 11, 1911Posted from Toronto, July 11, 1911.

“Dear Lillie,

This is some city. Going somewhere all the time. Will be home soon. Blanche.”

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