Saturday, April 29, 2017, 2:00pm – Noted railway enthusiast and author Ralph Beaumont presents his most recent book ‘Heckman’s Canadian Pacific: A Photographic Journey’. As photographer for the CPR, Joseph Heckman travelled across Canada by train and hand car between 1898 and 1915 shooting images of the fledgling national railway system with his glass plate camera.

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  1. Great to see more information about the Canadian Postcard Publisher histories. There are probably scores, if not hundreds of local, regional and national publishers out there and additional information about them is most welcome. Lots of confusion still about differences between publishers and printers and in some sources the terms seem to be used interchangeably.

  2. Hi, I’m looking for an old postcard. I have seen one listed on ebay but had been sold. The card I’m looking for is of St Mungo’s Presbyterian Church in Cushing Quebec.

    Thank you


    • Card Talk Editor

      Hi William,

      The best we can do is to leave your query here and see if anyone can help you out. Otherwise, you can visit a sale and try your luck and/or follow eBay and other sale sites such as Delcampe.net – another copy may eventually come up.

  3. Hi..
    I am looking for cards showing scenes from St.Charles (outskirts of Winnipeg) Manitoba. Can anyone help? thanks much.. len@osint.ca

  4. I have a lot of postcards I would like to find a new home for — but they are neither Torontonian nor vintage (though they may be in 50 years). In my travels in Europe and South America in the 1970’s and 80’s I collected postcards instead of taking pictures. Consequently I have two card file drawers full of cards (one, France and Italy; the other The Rest of the World). Is anyone interested in taking them off my hands or suggesting another way of passing them on? Thanks for any response.

  5. I am looking to buy a postcard of St Joseph’s hospital in downtown Toronto. I was born there in 1955. Also any photos of Old Toronto, Zorra St in particular. Thank you so much.

  6. I have been looking for clear pages for 12 x 12 scrapbooking albums that fit standard post cards… has anyone seen such a thing??? Thanks!

  7. I am looking for postcards of certain Canadian cities and towns, as well as early aviation, to do with first flight mail deliveries in the 1920s and 30s. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

  8. Just wondering how many J.Ed.Terryberry postcards there are? I have two cards and his own personal photo album witch I inherited all photos of Toronto and the Muskoka’s dated back to the early 1880’s just wondering if some of the photos could be real photo cards if any one knows please let me know thanks and have a wonderful day Geoff

  9. Beverley Foulkes-Jones

    Does anyone know where I can find an archive of postcards produced by Constable Picture Postcards of Canada? My great grand father is said to be featured on one around 1902. He won the world Ploughing Championship. Thank you.

  10. Victor Daniel Caratun


    I am a recent member of the club and most recently attended my first Post Card Show at the Japanese Cultural Center. I had a great time, and came out with a lot of cards for my collection, new contacts, some great stories and stiff neck !

    I collect Toronto RPPC, Toronto Photographs and ephemera pre 1960. However I am also looking for help in locating post cards produced in Romania from 1960-1980 by a photographer by the name of Tibor Lowy.

    If anyone knows of collectors of Romanian post cards from this time period, please email me at victor78@sympatico.ca

    I look forward to meeting fellow members at the upcoming meeting in April.

    All the best,

  11. Martin Proctor

    I have recently been collecting postcards to do with Weston, Ontario for the benefit of the Weston Historical Society. I’m aware of Weston postcards at least as early as 1904 and as late as 1966. Many of these postcards appear to be parts of sets. In some instances the sets appear to be local, and in other instances the Weston postcards seem to be part of a broader set. Does anyone know how many sets of Weston postcards were produced?

  12. Collecting and doing research on postcards produced by the Winnipeg Photo Company of Napinka. Can anyone help me out?

  13. I collect UNESCO World Heritage Site postcards, and I’m in the USA. I’m missing some Canadian sites for my collection, and I’m wondering if you have ideas about where I might find them.

    SGang Gwaay: Skung Gwaii Island too (Anthony Island), in the South of Queen Charlotte Islands in the Gwaii Haanas Natonalpark (British Columbia)
    Wood Buffalo National Park (Alberta and Northwest Territories)
    Miguasha National Park (Paleontologist Park)

    Thank you, Judy

  14. Fraser Ecclestone

    I would like to know how collectors catalogue post cards ? And what the best method for storing post cards is.
    As I have some very old cards is there is a way to value the collection? Or is it a market drive force for value ?
    As I am completely new to this subject any help and advice would be useful.

    • Good questions! Where to start. Probably the quickest way to learn is to connect with other collectors through a postcard club or postcard show. We list Canadian clubs on the ‘connections’ pages of this web-site and there is a show calendar page too.

      As for storage, most of us keep our postcards in binders in archival binder pages with 4 to a page so that both the view side and the stamp side can be seen. You can get (with difficulty in Canada) archival quality plastic as well as regular plastic sleeves in various configurations. See the FAQ page for sources of these supplies. Another method is in a shoe-box or similar, or boxes such as the dealers use. This has the disadvantage of not being acid free storage and the postcard edges may be damaged by flipping through them to find a particular one.

      The cataloging question has as many answers as there collectors, I suspect. Some just have a razor sharp memory. Filing by roughly the geography of the street/building is common. A larger collection might warrant a detailed Excel list with the card’s title, publisher, a general description of the view/subject for example. Dealers keep their inventory by country/province (state)/county/ town or topic (animals, Easter, bridges etc.) Some collectors collect a series for which the manufacturer/publishers numbers on the cards is the basis of their system.

      As to valuations, look at our FAQ page for our insights. Yes, it’s market driven to some extent. The card has to find a collector who wants it and who wants to pay for it. A collector may pass on a $2.00 card that doesn’t speak to them but will jump on something special that’s $20.00 or more. The condition of the card affects the price as does its scarcity. Some like the time stamp of the cancellation, others prefer a pristine item. On the other hand, postal history buffs often look for unusual postmarks and stamps on old postcards. In the world of deltiology, the ‘real photo’ postcard of a known subject is the most prized. Modern ‘chromes’ are inexpensive today but 50 years from now may be highly collectible because fewer seem to be kept. And of course, as with all vintage items, the value to a collector is what they feel it’s worth as an addition to their collection.

  15. Hi!

    I am also trying to date a postcard showing a monument in Québec City, which was manufactured by The Post Card & Greeting Card Co. Ltd of Toronto. I know my postcard has been published after 1908, but any information about the company’s dates of activity whould be appreciated!

    Thanks 🙂

  16. I have an extensive collection of vintage Napanee Ontario postcards, but a couple I know of which I would I’m lacking (probably more). One is reasonably common, but I haven’t been able to win in auction “Covered Bridge – Napanee”. The other, I have only seen electronically “On the River – Napanee Ontario” Here’s a link to the later. Cut and past into your browser
    Can anybody help me out?

  17. I am looking for old and new postcards of the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu region which includes: St. John, Iberville, St-Luc, L’Acadie, St-Blaise, St-Paul-de-l’île-aux-Noix, Lacolle, Noyan and Napierville. If you have any, please get in touch.

  18. I’m looking for old printed Cards of Montreal Militias, from 1837-68., 3rd Brigade 1st Battalion “The Montreal Light Infantry”. Also known as No. 3 Fire Brigade “Protector”. You can contact me at http://www.wwii.ca/index.php go to the Forums I’m the MOD leave Message. Any bread crumbs would be appreciated.

  19. I have a small collection of the Northern Navigation sailor boy cards
    and wonder if there is a listing of known cards in this series.

  20. katrina brookman

    I’m trying to get an unused colour postcard of “Le Parc des Champs de Bataille” (Battlefield Park, Quebec) published by Les editions Lumen, no. C.P. 48031. I’m in England so any help to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated!
    Many thanks!

  21. I am looking for a copy of the Ridgetown Golf Club postcard, probably from the 1930’s. It shows a man putting and some women golfers. In the backgound is the clubhouse.

  22. im inquiring about a number of postcards that my parents have from the first world war they were like love letters to my fathers mom they are from france some are just handpainted pictures and others are hand stitched things like flowers the union jack and such are they of any value besides sentemental

    • Hello Linda,

      Thank you for your interest in the Toronto Postcard Club. I believe that the ‘hand stitched’ postcards that you describe are what we deltiologits call ‘silks’. If you Google ‘silks postcards’, you will find several sites that describe their history and how they were made.

      As to monetary value, put ‘silks’ into the search engine of a postcard auction site (Bidstart.com, Ebay.com, Playle.com) and you will get a good idea. These are retail prices and the value to a postcard dealer would be less to allow for their mark-up. Of course the condition of the postcard is also a factor in it’s value. Finally, some collectors prefer that the cards are unused, in pristine condition, others would rather that they have some indication of their era by a dated message, or a postal cancellation.

      The hand-painted pictures are harder to judge. ‘Artist signed postcards’ do have a following but I think that unless the artist is widely known in the postcard world (Clapsaddle is one) that they tend to be less sought after therefore of lesser value. An indication of the value of your cards might be better determined by the manufacturer as noted on the reverse, or the date it was sent.
      We have many links to postcard information and auction sites on our web-site, I suggest that you continue your research through these web-sites.

  23. I’m looking for a postcard of Malvern (Scarborough) Ontario. The photo is of the intersection of Sheppard Avenue and Markham Road. It looks like a tiny little country lane. On the left of the photo is the Cowan’s Store and on the right is the Calendar’s Hotel / Standard Bank (this was once my family’s home). If someone could help me locate this card I would be grateful and I would be prepared to pay good money for one. A few photos of the house can be found here –> http://www.flickr.com/photos/sew_luvli/sets/72157604496979128/ The most distinctive feature of the house is the cross and circle medallion which sits just below the peak of the roof on the North side of the house.

    If you have one of these cards for sale please email me at kebusato@thursdayschild.ca

  24. I am studying Shell Oil Co emblem ‘Scallop’ on postcards and covers (both sides) any country any era including ex Canada. Has any one any availability or information especially cards I believe C.1937/8 from countries outside Canada to Canadian destinations I gather these organised by Shell Co, Canada?

  25. I recently made a Postcard Collection database template for Bento 3 (Mac users only) that is now available free through their template collection. I also am working on a Postcard Purchase database template, and before the Mac arrived kept my database in an ACT database that I designed with custom fields. I am a huge fan of keeping things simple and making things work without hassles, so hope someone out there can use the template.

    Would love to hear from anyone that downloaded and used my template and am interested in all comments / critiques, with a view to making it better later on.

  26. Hi . I am looking for any postcards or paper from Drumbo ontario and area. This is in oxford county ontario.Other towns im interested in this area are Princeton , Plattsville, Wolverton, Washington, Richwood, Bright, Innerkip,Gobals. Thanks

  27. Upper Canada College, Toronto, Canada
    My interest area is small, but as a former student, I am collecting memorabilia- history, school crest, postcards about the life and times of the college. I have a collection of postcards, but would like to know more about them, and learn if I am missing any. I would appreciate any help and assistance anyone is willing to provide. Sincerely.. Stephen Burkart 905-847-7699

  28. I am looking for a specific postcard: a mint (unused) 1932? THE CANADA SEPIA SCENES #354 – Street Scene, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I would very much appreciate it if you could direct me to someone who has the card, or can tell me where I may find one. I can be reached at: brianmoir at telus.net Thanks!

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