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More Postcard Connections

Some of these sites are selling cards, some are looking to trade and some just want to show the world their wonderful collections! Please note …. these sites are not owned or monitored by the TPC, so view, trade & shop at your own risk! For links to Canadian sites, click here!

General Info Sites

  • One of our favourites.  It has an extensive glossary of postcard ‘lingo’ and the history of many things postcard. Metropolitan Postcard Club of NYC
  • Another good general history source. Smithsonian Institution Archives
  • Some great magazine articles on postcards from the ‘Golden Era’ and more. Postcardy.com
  • Broad information source with an emphasis on early printers and publishers. The Postcard Album 
  • Postcards in the context of early greeting cards. (scroll to the ‘greeting card museum’ then the ‘history gallery’ at the bottom of the next page. Emotionscards
  • A general discussion on vintage postcards with many examples. Collectors Weekly

How to …
Postcard Condition Grading
Identifying Real Photo Stamp Boxes
Identifying Real Photo Postcard Backs

Notable Postcard Names
Ellen Clapsaddle Postcards
Detroit Publishing Company the ‘how did they do it?’ section is especially interesting
Detroit Publishing Postcards from the New York Public Library Archives
Curt Teich a.k.a.the inventor of linen postcards
Curt Teich postcard dating index (as provided by the Curt Teich Postcard Archives Collection of the Lake County Discovery Museum, Libertyville, Illinois)
Raphael Tuck Postcards

Topical Sites
Map Postcards from UK and European publishers. Gallery includes many examples of Canadian map cards published by John Walker & Co.

Postcard Clubs Worldwide
Denver Postcard Club
U.S.A postcard clubs
U.K. postcard clubs
Postcrossing – a postcard exchange association

Postcard Shopping
Cherryland Postcard Auctions
Delcampe Auctions
eBay.ca – postcards
eBay.com – postcards
$1.00 postcards! at erniesdollarsale.com
IFPD Dealer List for USA and other countries
Mary Martin Postcards & Supplies
Playle’s Online Auctions postcards & supplies

Postcard Publications
Barr’s Postcard News
Picture Postcard Monthly
Card Talk (the TPC’s own thrice-yearly magazine. Join us to subscribe!)

American Postcard Archives
Chicago Postcard Museum
Metropolitan Museum, New York – Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard Exhibit, Spring 2009
Postcard Views of Old New York

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  1. Hi there!

    I just discovered this site and think it’s wonderful!
    I thought I would drop a line about an online show that my father in-law is hosting called “Art and Stories of the 20th Century Postcard.” The show details about 100 vintage cards dating as far back as 1900. Although his collection contains thousands of cards from all over the world, including some older than the turn of the 19th century. The exhibit can be found in a Facebook group my husband created online at https://www.facebook.com/groups/485424754988661/.

    Hope some of you enjoy it!


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